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Why Mon Pitou?

The culture at Mon Pitou stems from 5 core values. 

Ownership | Integrity | Passion | Teamwork | Quality

Successful candidates are expected to showcase these values in all aspects of their position, as a Mon Pitou brand ambassador. 

Operating within our unique mixed-concept model at Mon Pitou provides team members with the opportunity to develop valuable skill sets in a dynamic and challenging work environment. We seek individuals who thrive in a fast-paced setting and are driven by a strong desire to uphold our reputable brand standards.

Join Our Team!


At Mon Pitou, we prioritize continuous growth and development.

You will receive constructive feedback to enhance your performance and refine your approach to become more effective in your position. This emphasis on personal and professional development empowers you to work confidently and contribute meaningful impact within our community.

Our management team fosters a transparent and supportive atmosphere where laughter and celebration are encouraged alongside productive work. Your commitment to quality and hospitality will be instrumental in creating fulfilling experiences for our patrons, brightening their day with a lasting impression.

Join Mon Pitou and leverage your grit and passion to excel in an environment that values its team members!