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Marche Mon Pitou

Mon Pitou is a bakery, bistro & specialty food store located in Vancouver's charming Fairview neighbourhood.

It was founded in February 2021 by Jesse Jonathon Hawes, who was previously a flight attendant, and his partner Triet Duong, a former biotech recruiter. Isn't that absolutely fabulous?

When creating the concept of Mon Pitou, Jesse and Triet knew they wanted a warm and inviting space that focused on celebrating everyday indulgences. Whether that's a good espresso and something sweet, taking time to have lunch with a friend, or treating yourself to the very best French pantry staples!

Now, you may be wondering what Mon Pitou means or maybe you're curious about the adorable {but very naughty} English Bulldogs... allow us to explain.

The direct translation of «Mon Pitou» means my pooch. However, it is commonly used as a term of endearment meaning my love or my munchkin; essentially, it is what you would call someone you love dearly.

Growing up, Mon Pitou was the nickname given to Jesse by his grandmother, Gabrielle, who loved to bake!

So as you can probably guess, Jesse and Triet decided to pair this sentimental childhood nickname with its direct translation by incorporating their bulldogs, Ru and Jellybean. And voilà - Mon Pitou was born!

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